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Despite the massive emphasis on digital marketing and the growing influence of social media, print is far from dead. Branded magazines and brochures continue to deliver the highest levels of engagement from audiences across every sector (apart from teenagers).  


The brand in the hand

Printed material can communicate a company’s brand values and tone of voice in a way that digital is still trying to achieve. Print immediately gives the impression of value, a tangible sense of the item’s worth. ‘If you've bothered to print it, it must be good’.


Time to breathe, time to read

While there is an immediacy to digital, there is a sense of depth to the printed word. Readers will peruse longer and consider more detailed content in print formats. Print demands time, and that time is focused on your business proposition.


The team at Balanced are hugely experienced in creating printed marketing collateral: from business cards and company brochures, through exhibition stands and branded merchandise, to contract magazines and press content. We can provide a complete editorial, design and production service. Working towards your specific objectives, we will write content, design layouts and commission original photography and illustration.




CAS is truly a family business that provides the quality of services of a national corporation. If you’re looking for document management of any description, then they are Number 1. It’s a complicated business, where every element of a client’s relationship and requirements must be tracked in writing. This helps the team to meet the international quality standards that they prize so highly.

As such, rebranding CAS was a serious undertaking. A new logo, colour palette, fonts, service icons and business descriptions were just the first step. Over the following months, Balanced provided a re-branded version of everything you can think of, from building signage to delivery certificates, from storage boxes to on-site collection bins.

At the same time, we wrote and designed print and digital brochures and service flyers. We also managed a complete overhaul of the content marketing strategy. This includes a regular business blog on topics such as GDPR, NHS document management and financial services data security, as well as social media content.

'Marc is always willing to go the extra mile, and you never have any doubts he will deliver. His problem-solving skills, creative flair, talent for diplomacy and positive approach have helped to make our marketing stress-free and effective."

​Danny Clarke, Owner, CAS



Buywise Health



Diversity Role Models

European Office Products

Lone Worker Solutions

React PLC

The Cheese Tasting Company




Balanced Agency specialises in delivering balanced marketing and communications solutions for charities, startups and SMEs. Based in London City Island, in the borough of Tower Hamlets, we want to help local companies develop and deploy fantastic marketing strategies that get results. Branding, marketing strategy, content planning and copywriting, social media, print design for brochures, stationery and magazines, website design, and membership marketing all under one roof.



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